Website Design Trends for 2022

by | Jan 22, 2022

Website Design Trends for 2022

by | Jan 22, 2022

Are you a start-up or a medium-size business looking for engaging website design ideas for 2022? Your search ends here. Delve into the article to explore the top website design trends of 2022 to enhance your online presence.

Whether you are a start-up business or a well-established organisation, a well thought out website is crucial when you’re trying to reach a wider audience and convert your site traffic into paying customers.

The design of a website is often overlooked or an afterthought for many business owners, but it will have such a significant impact on how your audience is going to perceive your brand. In many cases, your website is your business’ first touch-point with a customer, the impression you make on your users will either make them stay on your page and ultimately buy your service or jump-ship and switch to your competitor’s website.

Top Design Trends 2022 For Your Business

The competition is high and you must adapt to the new web design trends that can help you remain at the forefront to get optimum success. Below are a few engaging website design ideas that you should consider for 2022.

  1. Mindful Web Design

A website is designed using graphics, animations, designs, fonts, pictures, and a great combination of colours. However, you must think out of the box to create a mindful website design. A relatively simple yet unique and classic website design with generous use of white space enabling both of our eyes and content to breath – that’s what we called mindful website design.

In a world full of distractions, people are busy and don’t want websites to consume any more of their time than necessary. Also, they don’t want to be overwhelmed with too much content posted on websites, busy graphics, use of various colours, and multiple fonts. In addition, a website that is taking too much time to load is another “turn-off” for people that can make them leave the page and switch to the competitor’s website. Try using a less is more approach and be thoughtful with the space on your site to appeal to a wider audience.

  1. Micro Animation

Micro animation is not new and we expect this already existing trend to increase more in 2022. Animation or subtle movements bring life to a website that helps attract and engage visitors. It also helps give visitors a more impressive and interesting experience. Micro animation is a great way to enhance the end-user experience.

  1. Illustrated Web Design

Too many words or a website wrapped in scattered paragraphs is a big “no” for visitors – and is a surefire way to say goodbye to many potential consumers. Web developers that prefer designing their websites with appealing illustrations are becoming more in demand as compared to those who still follow old-school trends i.e. text or stock photographs.

One of the core reasons is that illustration or illustrated images typically have smaller file sizes thus load faster than web pages with a lot of photography, and it gives you the ability to keep the pages clean and thoughtful, driving your message home. This helps visitors quickly scroll down the page and easily digest the information without getting distracted – a pro tip to boost conversions on your site in 2022 for sure!

  1. 3D Design and Multimedia

Emerging and innovative technologies have always prompted new website design trends, and the current era is no exception. One of the emerging trends is how the standard in picture quality is shifting from standard 1080p HD to 4K and beyond; hence latest screens provide more detailed resolution than ever before.

Similarly, it has been witnessed that websites have been now designed and created keeping in mind the latest changing trends and standards of the tech world. While previously, the core focus of developers was to build websites with a standard approach of text and a few still images. Whereas, now web developers and designers are enthusiastically embracing animation, 3D designs, AR, VR, large-sized imagery as well as interactive and appealing features to make the sites more eye-catching to grab visitors.

  1. Monochromatic Web Design Trends

Monochromatic website design is one of the most used trends recently and is expected to continue in 2022 as well. This design can be highly effective for making the website more engaging especially if your company relies more on generating interaction with a result-driven call to action. Monochromatic website design can help develop a simple yet classic appearance to draw the user’s attention and make them buy your service or convert into a lead.

  1. Scroll-Triggered Animation

Website developers have been focusing more on ways that can help them create and design simple, user-friendly, effective, and success-driven websites. An interesting UX design trend “scroll animation” is getting more and more popular in recent years. An animated scroll design helps increase time on page and engagement. However, the scrolling animation must be relevant to the service or the core idea of the business. Irrelevant scroll animation design may divert users eventually. An expert website developer can help you create the most engaging website to grow your business and achieve your core goals.

Take Your website Design to the Next Level

Simply creating a website for your business alone isn’t enough in today’s highly competitive tech world where everything is constantly evolving. You must adapt to the innovative and rapid changes to best meet the business needs. Everyone can create a website for your business, however, it needs years of experience and expertise to design one that can help you achieve your goals seamlessly. Get in touch with a professional website design and development service provider to best meet your business objectives.

Luke M

Luke M

Creative freelancer and founder at New Digital, Luke has spent the last 7 years working as a digital consultant to startups and SMEs with a focus on website design and development, online marketing and SaaS implementation.

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